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8:30-8:55       Chair: Raam Uzdin  
Alberto Imparato
Quantum fluctuation theorem from modified superoperators
8:55-9:20 Chair: Stella Seah   Chair: Cyril Elouard
Brecht Donvil
Interference of Quantum Trajectories
Maxime Debiossac
Generalized 2nd law under non-Markovian feedback control using a levitated particle
Naoto Shiraishi
Quantum thermodynamics of correlated-catalytic state conversion at small-scale
9:20-9:45 Archak Purkayastha
Periodically refreshed baths to simulate open quantum many-body dynamics
Gonzalo Manzano
Thermodynamics of gambling demons: theory and experiment
Manabendra Nath Bera
Quantum Heat Engines with Carnot Efficiency at Maximum Power
9:45-10:10 Andreu Riera-Campeny
Quantum Systems in Contact With a Finite Bath
  Santiago Hernández-Gómez
Experimental test of fluctuation relations for driven open quantum systems with an NV center
David Gelbwaser
Casimir heat engine
10:10-10:25 Break Poster Session II Break Break
10:25-10:50 Chair: Alex Chin   Chair: Mathias Jørgensen Chair: Philippe Faist
Marek Winczewski
Bypassing the Intermediate Times Dilemma for Open Quantum System
  David Barker
Experimental verification of the work fluctuation-dissipation relation in a Szilard engine
Harry Miller
Geometry of work fluctuations versus  efficiency in microscopic thermal machines
10:50-11:15 Shishir Khandelwal
Signatures of exceptional points in a quantum thermal machine
  Karen Hovhannisyan
Energy conservation and Jarzynski equality are incompatible for quantum work
Giacomo Guarnieri
Thermodynamic uncertainty relation in slowly driven quantum heat engines
11:15-11:40 Eoin O'Connor
Action quantum speed limits
  Marcela Herrera
Experimental verification of the detailed quantum fluctuation relation for an interacting system
Joao Sabino
Quantum field thermal machines
11:40-12:20 Break Break Break Break
12:45-13:00 Welcome Discussion Discussion    
13:00-13:45 Chair: Mohammad Mehboudi     Chair: Janine Splettstoesser Chair: Jesus Rubio
John Goold
The quantum joule paddle bucket
    Rosario Fazio
Geometric properties of adiabatic quantum thermal machines
Ulrich Poschinger
13:45-14:30 Philipp Strasberg
Self-oscillating nanoscale devices: A new paradigm for quantum heat engines?
    Janet Anders
Steady states and mean force Gibbs states
Elisa Bäumer
Minimizing back-action through entangled measurements
14:30-14:50 Break Poster Session I Poster Session III Break Break
14:50-15:35 Chair: Sai Vinjanampathy     Chair: Patrick Potts Chair: Géraldine Haack
Lea F. Santos
Equilibration time in many-body quantum systems
    Takashi Mori
Heating rates under fast and strong periodic driving in classical and quantum many-body systems
Luis A. Correa
Global thermometry in action: Enhanced release–recapture thermometry in ultracold gases
15:35-16:20 Heiner Linke
From Quantum Dot Heat Engines to  Hot-Carrier Photovoltaics
    Cecilia Cormick
Ion chains as quantum simulators
Anne Anthore
Reduced quantum heat flow and teleportation of electrons: two consequences of Coulomb
interactions in micrometer size metallic islands
16:20-17:00 Break Break Break    
17:00-17:25 Chair: Alvaro Alhambra Chair: Felix Binder Chair: Paolo Abiuso  
Nicole Yunger Halpern
Noncommuting conserved charges in quantum many-body thermalization
Nayeli A.Rodriguez Briones
Experimental activation of zero-point energy
with quantum energy teleportation
Matteo Lostaglio
Certifying quantum signatures in thermodynamics  via contextuality of quantum linear response
Quo vadis Q Thermo?
17:25-17:50 Eric Lutz
Experimental verification of a reversed Clausius inequality in a closed system
Lorenzo Buffoni
Thermodynamics of a Quantum Annealer
Philip Taranto
Landauer vs. Nernst: What is the True Cost of  Cooling a Quantum System?
17:50-18:15 Thibaud Maimbourg
Bath-induced Zeno localization in driven many-body quantum systems
Arshag Danageozian
Efficiency-Fidelity Trade-off in a Quantum Error Correcting Engine
Patryk Lipka-Bartosik
All states are universal catalysts  in quantum thermodynamics
18:15-18:30 Break Break Break
18:30-18:55 Chair: Mark Mitchison Chair: Paolo Erdman Chair: Ralph Silva
Jonatan Bohr Brask
Optimal Quantum Thermometry with
Coarse-Grained Measurements
Ilse Maillette de Buy Wenniger
Experimental work extraction
from quantum coherence
Felipe Barra
Thermodynamic processes via scattering: The role of the wave packet
18:55-19:20 Julia Boeyens
Bayesian Quantum Thermometry
Emanuel Schwarzhans
Autonomous Temporal Probability Concentration:
Clockworks and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Raffaele Salvia
On the distribution of the mean energy in the unitary orbit of quantum states
19:20-19:45 Pavel Sekatski
Optimal nonequilibrium thermometry in finite time
Juliette Monsel
Optomechanical cooling with coherent and squeezed light: the thermodynamic cost of opening the heat valve
Nathan Myers
Quantum Otto Engines at Relativistic Energies
19:45-20:10   Luis Pedro Garcia-Pintos
Unifying quantum and classical  speed limits on observables
Bibek Bhandari
Minimal two-body quantum absorption refrigerator